Previous Founder Re-Enters Industry After Satisfying Non-Compete

Engages C-Level Contacts to Build Pipeline and Find New Clients


Client Problem

  • Previous Founder Re-Enters Industry with “Re-Branded” New Company

  • New Company has Zero Pipeline, Clients, or Revenue

  • Pure Start-Up Situation Needs Rapid Growth

C-Level Actions

  • C-Level Devised Unique Targeted Client Acquisition Strategy

  • C-Level Led All Out-Bound Marketing Efforts

  • C-Level Wrote All Copy For Cold Email Messaging

  • C-Level Implemented Unique Cold Call Strategy with Targeted Executives and Industries


  • C-Level Scheduled Numerous Intro/Discovery Meetings with CFO/CIO of $1B plus organizations

  • 2 Large New Client “Wins” within first 8 months

  • 50% Reduction in Sales Cycle Length VS Founder’s Previous Experience

  • Revenue from New Clients Funded Growth/Investments to Scale the Company


Start-Up Procurement Consulting Firm

Engages C-Level Contacts for a “First 100 Days Pipeline Building Sprint”


Client Problem

  • Procurement Consulting Firm Down to 1 Large Client – Needs More Clients

  • Client’s Referral Pipeline Had Dried Up

  • Client’s Business at risk due to Over-Reliance on 1 Customer

C-Level Actions

  • C-Level worked with Client to Create “Ideal Prospect” Profile

  • C-Level Created Targeted Outbound Approach to “Highest Probability” Industries and Executives


  • C-Level scheduled over 30 Introductory Meetings with CFOs of 100m to over $1B organizations in first 90 Days

  • 2 New Client Wins with Multi-year Multi-Category Potential in first 90 Days

  • 2 Additional New Client Wins within next 45 Days

  • 4 Total New Client Wins as result of 100 Day Sprint

  • If we can do that for a client that had zero case studies, testimonials, or current client references – Imagine what we can do by leveraging YOUR Company’s portfolio of success!


CEO engages C-Level Contacts LLC to Provide In-Person, “Face-to-Face” Meetings


Client Problem

  • CEO Tired of Just Doing Zoom Meetings – He wanted to get back to Face to Face Meetings

  • Sales and Marketing Team struggled to secure in-Person Meetings

C-Level Actions

  • C-Level immediately implemented “In-Person Meeting Strategy”

  • C-Level leveraged CEO travel schedule to secure face to face meetings for CEO


  • Numerous Face to Face meetings scheduled for CEO

  • Many meetings scheduled with 1 week or less advance notice

  • Per CEO : “ This has significantly enhanced the ROI of my travel. I am getting much more “bang for my travel buck per trip” because I am now also meeting with great prospects in addition to my other scheduled meetings.”

  • C-Level’s In-Person Meeting Approach was then rolled out to National Sales Teams

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